scientific activities of the society of preventive psychiatry επιστημονικές δραστηριότητες εταιρείας προληπτικής ψυχιατρικής

The Society of Preventive Psychiatry develops various scientific activities in order to fulfil its non profit and public welfare purposes

The Society of Preventive Psychiatry develops various scientific activities in order to fulfil its non profit and public welfare purposes, which may include, among others, the following:

  • The organization of or participation in conferences, lectures, international meetings and other related activities.
  • The creation of professional education and vocational training centres, as well as centres for the rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities, in the framework of third degree prevention.
  • Planning and implementing research projects related to the Society’s field of interest and mainly, submitting for approval and implementing projects of the European Union, the Greek State, the Greek Universities and other public or private entities. The Society of Preventive Psychiatry also plans and implements research projects in the field of pre-professional and professional training.
  • The organisation of workshops for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment and research on fields related to the Society’s subject of interest and keeping records for all case studies.
  • The provision of consulting services aiming at preventing mental disorders.
  • The publication of a scientific journal and production of information material that will be reflecting the Society’s scientific work and its character as a public welfare organisation.
  • Associating with internationally renowned scientific centres, foundations or organizations of public or private law, in order to exchange scientific knowledge and train their respective members in the Society’s field of interest.
  • Cooperation with the European Union, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology and with scientific societies and associations.
  • The provision of information in a responsible scientific manner to the public and all competent state authorities as well as appearing for and representing the Society in all due occasions; also, submitting proposals for approval to administrative, legal and judicial authorities and the mass media regarding the Society’s field of interest, its obligations and legal interests.
  • The establishment of a Reference Centre at a national level as well as consulting units and co-operating with existing units of a similar field of activity.
  • To utilising all available means, project, ways of co-operation deemed necessary by the Society’s Administrative Board and General Assembly, in order to promote and realise the Society’s objectives.